is a French company specialized in electrolytic coating - thin electrolytic coatings - thick electrolytic coatings - Treatments for non-ferrous metals - Electrodeposited Conversions (anodic oxidation , ...) - Cleaning and preparation by impact (sand blasting, shot blasting , shot peening , ... ) Our production has various applications in markets such as aerospace , weapons, Spatial, electrical construction , energy ( including new energy sources such as wind power) , mechanical engineering , industrial maintenance or luxury accessories ... If you need a precise and meticulous work with precious metals, CARMAFIX has the expertise you are looking for !

Focused on a highly skilled workforce, CARMAFIX has a production capacity ranging from single parts or prototypes to medium-sized productions. CARMAFIX works with each of its clients individually, to produce unique services of high quality.
Specializing in precious metals, CARMAFIX’s industrial coating workshop allows for:
• Thick or thin gold deposits (all variants) , silver, rhodium, palladium, ruthenium layer on copper , nickel or bronze.
• Deposits on steel, stainless steel, all copper alloys, aluminum, plastics, etc ...
• Coating by mechanical polishing.
• With our laboratory we can monitor baths (atomic absorption) and controls parts ( Fluo X , micrographic sections with or without pictures as requested by the client).

We can add that CARMAFIX also has a workshop for wire production in various gold and silver alloys whose characteristics (composition and size) are defined precisely in partnership with our client.

long with industrial coating, CARAMFIX was once present on the jewelry market. In December 1993 CARMAFIX acquired two manufacturers: Bijoux FIX created in 1823 , and LEON MARTIN created in 1900. With them, CARMAFIX would produce pieces for luxury watchmakers, jewelers, goldsmiths and generally for major brands of Place Vendôme. CARMAFIX also produced under its own brands such as Montaigne, Fix , Leon Martin or Isis.
So with this experience in luxury and especially in the work of precious metals CARMAFIX combines today high “savoir-faire” and flexibility to satisfy its customers .

Today the group employs 9 people on the production site in Guéret, France. Headquartered in Paris - 16, rue Saint -Gilles - 75003 .


So if you need a quote or just information on our business, please do not hesitate to contact us at :
35 rte Cher du Prat
23000 GUERET